Super Tac II Lint Rollers

Super Tac II Lint Rollers
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Product Descriptions

Proven results confirm that the Super Tac II is the ideal way to clean a variety of materials and fabric to make them free of unwanted lint, hair, fuzz & other particle-type debris. Used sheets easily peel off of the 30 ft. by 4", 60 layer adhesive roll. Ergonomic, rubberized comfort grip, hand-held cleaning tool for use with various tasks. Refill rolls are available for repeat usage.

Each box has (12) 60 Sheet Rolls and 1 Professional Metal Cage Handle.

Product Features

  • Patented Zip-Strip sheet removal

  • Exclusive adhesive formula, will not transfer onto fabric

  • Durable, heavy duty handle design

  • (12) 60 Sheet Rolls / 1 Professional Metal Cage Handle in each box

Addtional Info


  • Quickly picks up pet hair, lint, dust and dandruff from virtually any surface
  • Works on most materials:
    • clothing
    • upholstery
    • carpeting
    • drapes
    • bedspreads

    and is ideal for hard surfaces too.

    Evercare, the Evercare logo and swoosh are trademarks of the Evercare Company, a division of oneCARE Co, Alpharetta, GA 30005

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